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If you are interested in a teaching position at an ASI member school ASI recommends the following: 

Being an Ambleside Teacher

An Ambleside teacher is passionate about nourishing  and nurturing the lives of students. The teacher shares in a vision for who each student is becoming and with this in mind works diligently to bring out the best in each student, as well as  provides support in areas of weakness.

An Ambleside teacher develops and grows as a learner. A myriad of studies are before him: composers and artists, handwork and writing, history and literature, observing and experimenting in science, and connecting in mathematics. The teacher faces these subjects with attention and delight. The truths unfold, and he grows in wisdom and skill.

In the daily work, one approaches learning through a lens of a method, not a hard fast system. The method takes on a rhythm, a way of approaching the learning. The work of Spirit and mind interact to unfold the mysteries of knowledge to those who attend.

An Ambleside teacher leads her students through the ups and downs of everyday life, working together for a common end, growth. “We learn in order to grow.”

Educational Support Specialist (8-12) Holland, MI

Job Opening: Educational Support Specialist 8th - 12th grade

Calvary Schools of Holland is seeking an educational support specialist to work with individual
secondary students.

Job description:

Provide academic support for high school students (caseload is approximately 10 students). Identify student needs and develop support plans. Coordinate with local schools and learning centers as needed. Coordinate and train classroom teachers in scaffolding techniques. Provide 1:1 tutoring, alternative testing arrangements, and in-class support for students. Communicate with parents regularly. Complete required documentation as needed. This is a part-time position (10-30 hours per week) starting in mid-January. Planning periods


B.A. or B.S. from an accredited university (experience and certification in special
education preferred). Some training provided.


Principal Cheryl Ward can be reached by phone (616-396-4494) or email


Calvary School of Holland


MI Michigan