A Lovely Young Lady

I have the distinct privilege of being the friend of a very intentional, loving mom.  We have enjoyed being in relationship since our children were very young.  Her youngest wasn't born when I met her, nor was my youngest.  We have witnessed each other's families grow.  Her oldest just turn twelve years old and is the subject of my musing today.  

My friend and I meet at a park with our children semi-monthly.  While they create forts and act out medieval dramas (complete with crowns and armors of ivy), we read about and discuss one of our favorite subjects: Charlotte Mason's philosophy of education.  Since this summer, I have noticed the fact that her twelve year old daughter is not a little girl anymore.  She has become a young lady in every sense of the word.  She holds herself with dignity, dresses with modesty, possesses a loving, interested and courteous demeanor, and is not self-absorbed.  She can play with the younger children with ease because she has no doubts as to her identity.  She doesn't think that playing with them is below her and they love her for it.  She has an unselfish confidence.  Her beautiful character brings tears of wonder to my eyes.  And it brings a different sort of tears to think of the loneliness of her position amongst her peers.  She is almost in a class of her own.