Starting Home School

As we have just completed our first full week of school, I am reminded of what a true joy it is to begin another school year with my children.  Their eagerness, excitement and anticipation are simply mirrored by mine.  Last week, we began our eighth year of homeschooling and our fourth year with Ambleside® Homeschool… how time slips by.  Over the years I have realized that our home schoolroom is one of my most favorite places to be, the children are some of my most favorite people to be with and we are surrounded with beautiful and interesting texts, delightful lessons, and a method that is as smooth as butter when properly applied.  All of this makes our homeschooling one of the most rewarding experiences for all involved.  Of course with all endeavors, we have had and will have our challenges to overcome, but with all these delightful blessings in the sweet brief time my children are in my care, I wonder why others don’t do it too.

I wish all of you homeschooling families a sweet and delightful year.  Enjoy the journey and cherish these times.