Faith Framed

Over the Christmas holidays, we visited friends on their farm. It was a brisk sunny day, as we walked corrals, pastures, and woodland, taking in nature’s sights and smells.

After surveying the land, our friends’ young son called me over to the meadow, declaring that he wanted to show me something. Looking into the tall grass, one could see a narrow path with high grasses on both sides. "The deer made the path,” he said.

I shared with him an encounter I recently had with a deer. “ I was backing my car out of the garage several weeks ago. Turning around to the right, through the early morning darkness, I saw a very large buck staring at me. I rolled down the window, looked and stared back. Greeting the magnificent creature, I said, You can stay, I will be back in a bit.” Of course, when I returned, the buck was nowhere to be seen.

This reminded my young friend of a similar story. “See that tree, with the long horizontal limb. I was riding my bicycle up the hill and when I looked back, I saw a red tailed hawk. The reason I know is because it’s my favorite bird.”

I looked and stared at the empty limb, and my young friend shared matter of factly. “I believe God showed the red tailed hawk to me.  And God showed you that buck the other day.  You have got to believe God showed that buck to you. You have got to believe,” he implored.

“I do believe. And there are a hundred things God wants us to see.” I said. God showed it to me, all right - faith through the eyes of a boy, a path in the grass, and a hawk on its perch.

May our faith increase each day of this New Year.