Employment Opportunities

If you are interested in a teaching position at an ASI member school ASI recommends the following: 

Being an Ambleside Teacher

An Ambleside teacher is passionate about nourishing  and nurturing the lives of students. The teacher shares in a vision for who each student is becoming and with this in mind works diligently to bring out the best in each student, as well as  provides support in areas of weakness.

An Ambleside teacher develops and grows as a learner. A myriad of studies are before him: composers and artists, handwork and writing, history and literature, observing and experimenting in science, and connecting in mathematics. The teacher faces these subjects with attention and delight. The truths unfold, and he grows in wisdom and skill.

In the daily work, one approaches learning through a lens of a method, not a hard fast system. The method takes on a rhythm, a way of approaching the learning. The work of Spirit and mind interact to unfold the mysteries of knowledge to those who attend.

An Ambleside teacher leads her students through the ups and downs of everyday life, working together for a common end, growth. “We learn in order to grow.”

*Full Time Elementary & Kindergarten (Centennial, CO)

Employment Opportunities for Ambleside School of Colorado

Full Time Elementary Teachers
Kindergarten Teacher M-F 7:30AM - 1:00PM.

Description of an Ambleside Educator:

Ambleside teachers have an active, personal faith in Jesus Christ along with a desire to live out their faith and disciple others in the classroom.  They love books: classic stories, fairy tales, myths and legends, history, science, math, and anything well-written with good ideas.  They love nature, art, music, and many other subjects and desire to introduce these things to their students.  They are lifelong learners.

Ambleside teachers sense a calling to help children grow academically, spiritually, and in character.  They are interested in doing the hard work personally and professionally. Recognizing that Ambleside School exists for the purpose of implementing the method of Charlotte Mason, Ambleside teachers willingly submit to Charlotte Mason's educational philosophy and become her students.  They eagerly seek to increase their own knowledge by reading, discussing and attending educational training so that they might become better teachers.

If you have an active, daily commitment to Jesus Christ and share His heart for children, if you have a love for learning and reading, if you have experience with helping children grow, and a developing passion for the Ambleside philosophy, we would love to hear from you.

Experience in the classroom and a major in an academic subject from a liberal arts or sciences program is preferred.  A Bachelor’s Degree is required.    

Ambleside School of Colorado
Grades: K-8
Founded: 2010

Ambleside School of Colorado (map)
1510 East Phillips Avenue
Centennial, CO 80122-3276
Phone: (720) 468-0464
Website: http://www.amblesidecolorado.org
Contact:  contact-us/

*Director of Instruction, Middle School, Mathematics, Spanish (Glenwood Springs, CO)

Ambleside at Skylark is currently accepting applications for the following positions.

Director of Instruction - Full-time

The Director of Instruction shall serve as the leader and resource person for the instructional programs of Ambleside at Skylark, provide support to teachers and families and provide leadership in staff development activities. The Director of Instruction will assist in program monitoring, evaluation, and management. Requirements: Experience in an Ambleside School as classroom teacher or the willingness and desire to learn the Ambleside Philosophy and Methodology. Bachelors Degree. Commitment to the Ambleside pedagogy.

Become part of Ambleside at Skylark's dynamic community tucked in the Rocky Mountains on the Western Slope in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. 
*Experience in an Ambleside School as classroom teacher or the willingness and desire to learn the Ambleside Philosophy and Methodology. Bachelors Degree.  Commitment to the Ambleside pedagogy. Please contact the school for more information.

Middle School (6/7) - Full-time

Mathematics Specialist - Part-time

Spanish Specialist - Part-time

Please contact the school for more information.

Ambleside at Skylark
Grades: K-8
Founded: 2014

Ambleside at Skylark (map)
Glenwood Springs, Colorado
Phone: (970) 930-1804
Website: http://theskylarkschool.org
Contact: info@theskylarkschool.org

*Pre-School, Elementary & Aide positions available (Niwot, CO)

Located north of Denver along the beautiful Front Range, Rocky Mountain Christian Academy (RMCA) is looking for teachers. 

Rocky Mountain Christian Academy is currently accepting applications for the 2019-20 school year for preschool, elementary, and aide positions.

RMCA is a school community where education is an atmosphere, a discipline, and a life. We are dedicated to inspiring students to a lifelong passionate pursuit of truth, goodness, and beauty, and equipping them to impact their world for Christ. Since 1998, RMCA has provided a transformative educational experience to families with Preschool - 8th grade students in the north Denver/Boulder metro area. Accredited through Accreditation International and a member of ACSI, RMCA is affiliated with Ambleside Schools International (www.amblesideschools.com), an association of U.S. and international schools inspired by the educational philosophy of educator Charlotte Mason. As such, RMCA seeks to live out the ideas that every child is born a person and education is an atmosphere, a discipline, and a life.

Job requirements and responsibilities include the following:

  • Be in agreement with the school's Statement of Faith
  • Be in agreement with the school's Ambleside philosophy of education
  • Love to serve and grow with children and their families
  • Have a growth mindset for personal and professional growth
  • Demonstrate a maturity in all relationships
  • Be a role model of spiritual and academic ability and leadership
  • Cooperate with the board and administration in implementing all policies and procedures governing the operation of the school.
  • Attend required professional development sessions for on-site in-services, Ambleside Schools training, and other opportunities as needed
  • Motivate students to recognize their identity in Christ and to be lifelong learners.

If you are interested in employment at RMCA, please send a resume/cv to info@rmcaonline.org.

Rocky Mountain Christian Academy
Niwot, Colorado
Phone: (303) 652-9162
Contact: Principal

*Classroom Teachers K-8, McLean, VA.

AMBLESIDE SCHOOL is an independent, Christ-centered School serving students from Kindergarten through 8th grade.   Ambleside School offers a direct encounter with the Bible, great books, art, music, science, mathematics, geography, language, handwork, and nature.  Our educational foundation is based on the philosophy of Charlotte Mason (1842-1923).  Ambleside School is associated with Ambleside Schools International, an association of schools, educators and leaders working together for educational renewal.   

Job Openings at Ambleside School

Ambleside School, a Christ-centered, K – 8 school is accepting applications from well qualified candidates who have an interest in practicing Charlotte Mason’s pedagogy in the classroom. Ambleside teachers demonstrate an active, daily commitment to Jesus Christ and share His heart for children. They love books, ideas, nature, and learning a wide variety of subjects.  They are willing to become students of Charlotte Mason and teach using her pedagogy.  Ambleside School is associated with Ambleside Schools International, an association of schools, educators and leaders working together for educational renewal. Open positions are for a Classroom Teacher (K - 4th Grade), a Classroom Teacher (5th- 8th Grade), Music Teacher (Part-Time), Spanish Teacher (Part-Time), and Math Teacher (Part-Time).  Visit https://www.ambleside.org/employment-section for more information.

Ambleside School of McLean
Grades: K-8
Founded: 1999

Ambleside School of McLean (map)
8980 Brook Road
McLean, VA 22102

Phone: (703) 430-4034
Fax: (703) 430-2256
Website: http://www.ambleside.org
Contact:  https://www.ambleside.org/contact


*Pre-School, K-8 Teachers (Marion, IL)

Relying on God's grace and motivated by His love, the mission of each Ambleside teacher is to be an optimal instrument of student growth, in relationship to God, self, others, ideas, creation, and work. This mission implies parent level maturity, continued personal and professional growth, and the consistent application of the Charlotte Mason/Ambleside Method.

Ambleside School of Marion is now hiring for the 2019-2020 school year. Requirements: bachelor's degree and must love children.

Positions available:
Part-time (possibly full-time) preschool
K-8 full- time teacher positions

The mission of each Ambleside principal is to lead the school community to greater maturity by maintaining:

  • A consistent personal communion with an obedience to Jesus Christ
  • An optimal emotional/relational school atmosphere
  • A consistent application of the Charlotte Mason/Ambleside Method.
  • An approach to excellence in school administration

We are currently hiring an Assistant Principal for the 2018 - 2019 school year.  If you are interested in applying, please complete the application below and submit all materials to admin@amblesidemarion.com.

ASM Principal Application

Ambleside School of Marion
Grades: PreK-5
Founded: 2018
Ambleside School of Marion
1409 Broeking Road
Marion, IL 62959
Phone: (618) 318-8971

*Part-Time Kindergarten & Full-Time 1-7 Leesburg, VA.

Employment Opportunities for Ambleside School of Loudoun

Ambleside of Loudoun is delighted to be opening at Leesburg Church of the Nazarene for the 2019-20 school year. The church is situated on a hilltop amid nineteen rolling acres just west of the Town of Leesburg, right off Rte. 7. Ambleside of Loudoun will offer a close-knit community in its initial year with combined-grade classes.

More Information About Ambleside School of Loudoun download PDF

Ambleside School of Loudoun
Grades: K-8
Founded: 2010

Ambleside School of Loudoun (map)
17667 Roxbury Hall Rd.
Leesburg, VA 20175
Phone: 855-338-5433
Contact:  info@amblesideloudoun.com